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Announcing Teach to Lead in Nashville

We are pleased to announce that Teach to Lead will be hosting our 15th Teacher Leadership Summit in Nashville, TN, April, 27-29, 2018.

The Nashville Teacher Leadership Summit will bring teacher leaders and other stakeholders together to collaborate, problem solve, and develop action plans to benefit students and schools.  Teams must contain at least one practicing classroom teacher, and idea submissions can address any perceived area of need in schools.

Over the past three years, Teach to Lead has helped increase the national conversation on teacher leadership and has helped teachers turn their leadership ideas into action.  The US Department of Education and ASCD have been joined by over 150 supporting organizations in this work. We are pleased that Teach to Lead will now be hosting its 15th Teacher Leadership Summit in Nashville, TN April 27-29, 2018.

At the Summits, educators from around the nation will work to collaborate, problem solve, and develop action plans to put their own teacher leadership ideas into action. All educators are welcome to apply as individuals but Teach to Lead asks that you bring a team of up to 5 stakeholders (teachers, principals, administrators, school board members etc.) to make the best progress at the Summit. At least one member of your team MUST be a practicing classroom educator.

Idea submissions will be reviewed by a team of teachers. For those who receive an invitation to participate, registration, lodging for those traveling over 50 miles, and some meals are provided free of charge. Participants must cover their own travel costs. Educators can submit an idea for the Summit regardless of where they live, but travel costs are not covered, so please keep that in mind when you apply.

The deadline for idea submissions for the Nashville Summit is March 7 at 11:59pm ET. All idea submissions must be completed and submitted by this date and time.

As space is limited for each Summit, idea submissions will be reviewed, and invitations for participation, with registration details, will be emailed to those accepted. Please read the criteria below carefully before submitting your idea.

Idea Submission Requirements

Summit participants must:

·         Have an actionable teacher leadership idea.

·         Pay for or obtain sponsorship of your travel.

·         Have at least one practicing classroom educator for your team.

·         Commit to taking implementation steps following Summit participation.

·         Be available to attend the entire Summit (8:00 am Saturday, April 28 through 12:30 pm on Sunday, April 29.)

·         There will be a reception Friday, April 27 that we strongly suggest you attend. We will have a strategic networking session and you will have an opportunity to meet your Critical Friend.

Submitted ideas must:

·         Allow teachers to lead from the classroom.

·         Identify an area of need or target a specific problem.

·         Develop and implement approaches that address the need or solve the problem.

·         Utilize teachers’ professional experiences and expertise.

·         Promote collaborative work among multiple stakeholders.

·         Seek to create systemic supports for teacher leadership.

·         Be viable in the local context and sustainable over time.

·         Be able to show measurable progress over time.

Submitted ideas may:

·         Focus on any level of change – the school, district, or state.

·         Be functioning at any stage of development - an emerging idea requiring input and buy-in from stakeholders; something currently being developed in collaboration with recruited stakeholders; or something that has been implemented which is ripe for improvement or expansion.

You can find examples of action plans that were developed at previous summits using these links:






Click here (or cut and paste into your browser to submit your best teacher leadership idea by 11:59pm ET on March 7.

The Teach to Lead team will notify you if your idea is accepted for attendance by Monday, March 21, 2018.

Please contact the Teach to Lead educator engagement team with additional questions at

We hope to see you in Nashville, TN!

Gillian Cohen-Boyer

Director, Teach to Lead

U.S. Department of Education