The PC2 Education Foundation, realizing, underperforming schools tend to receive limited support and their NBCTs are underutilized district wide, decided to research and collaborate possible solutions to implement within local school districts. The team submitted a proposal to attend the 4th Teach to Lead Summit in Long Beach California a program established through a collaborative partnership between the U.S. Department of Education and our partners the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and ASCD

"Teach to Lead envisions a world in which teachers are valued as the foremost experts in instruction, and as such, are leaders in developing, informing, and implementing education policy and practice to steer systematic improvements to benefit student learning (TTL, 2016)." The goals of Teach to Lead are to:

  • highlight the good work that is already happening around the country;

  • share resources that can help individuals, schools, districts, and states to expand their opportunities for teacher leadership; and

  • encourage educators at all levels to commit to advancing opportunities for teacher leadership (TTL, 2016).

The team's proposal was accepted and invited to attend the Long Beach Teacher Leader Summit, September 23-24, 2016 in Long Beach, California. Esteemed members were comprised of educators from Louisiana, 2 NBCTs and 2 semi-retired educators: Dolores Cormier-Zenon, NBCT, Mrs. Jill Saia, NBCT, Ms. Patricia Colbert-Cormier and Ms. Mary Washington.  

At the summit, a review of specific concerns related to the proper utilization needed to impact student achievement, improve the quality of teaching and learning and enhance the understanding of how to implement data driven instruction that is intentional and meaningful were the focus for the team. In order to aide in planning, the team used a logic model template to discuss next steps and develop an action plan for implementation with potential stakeholders and supporters.  This document proved very useful in engaging the thought process and gaining insightful feedback based on issues regarding lack of preparation of new teachers, underutilizing NBCTs’ instructional expertise to achieve district goals, training and support necessary to impact the quality of teaching and learning. Out of Louisiana’s 49,377 teachers only 4% of teachers are National Board Certified with the percentage of schools performing above average being less than 48%. As a result of limited access to well prepared teachers, numerous schools in Louisiana school districts are affected by the continuous decrease in new teacher retention. The team proposed their program entitled "NBCT Ambassadors" to promote mentoring and the supporting of novice teachers onsite. 

This innovative program solicits to incorporate the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards vision with regards to implementing ESSA, “engaging the expertise of Board-certified teachers. Board-certified teachers are instructional experts who have proven their teaching meets the highest standards in the profession and can provide insight as to how to design and implement teacher quality initiatives that will build a continuum of teaching excellence” (NBPTS, 2016) 

Thus NBCTs; specifically, retired NBCTs, have much to offer in the area of instructional expertise which has been proven to have met the highest standards in the teaching profession, experience and time. The primary goal of these exceptional educators will be to creatively and assertively assist with advancing the quality of teaching and learning. In addition, the NBCT Ambassador’s program seeks to partner with community organizations, legislators, the Board of Regents and Universities utilizing ATLAS to incorporate the 5 core propositions of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to strengthen new teacher knowledge of students, curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices.

NBCT Ambassador Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assisting new teachers in identifying and eliminating barriers to change

  • Act as an external change agent to facilitate teacher quality

  • Promote and support a professional learning community among pre-service teachers

  • Assist new teachers in collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and utilizing student data and reports towards purposeful planning and program implementation

  • Assess and assist teaching and learning in the classroom

  • Model effective instructional and leadership strategies

  • Coach new teachers over a significant period of time to bring about results with students

  • Assist new teachers in improving student achievement as measured by the National Board Certification 5 core propositions

  • Assist new teachers with identifying and utilizing the most effective use of resources

  • Promote a 1 to 3 year continuum in preparation for teachers to pursue becoming an accomplish teacher; National Board Certified

2nd Annual Empower, Engage, Energize Teach to Lead Summit Powered by Teach to Lead- November 17, 2018

Teachers from across Louisiana attended this exciting summit in Lafayette, LA. Educator teams brought innovative ideas to plan, collaborate and begin conversations to develop school wide projects that promise to positively impacting students, teaching and learning.

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We would like to express our gratitude to all who participated especially Dr. Derek Violes, USDOE Teacher Fellow and Michelle Accardi, NBCT, National Board for Profession Teaching Standards, engagement direc